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Clay Boutté is a fashion and portrait photographer, based in New York City.  His work is inspired greatly by music, cinema, travel, and his past experience in the modeling industry.

Born in rural Louisiana, and moving to various cities across the south, he was always intrigued to find new experiences that would help him to grow and learn more about the world that he only saw in the pages of magazines or in films.  Clay's love for image making started on the horse farm that he grew up on, having been gifted with a film camera in early high school.  He soon developed a special love for the emotion that black and white brings to an image, while still holding respect for the myriad ways of expressing art through color imaging as well.

Before  turning his passion into his career, Clay studied business and communications, with a focus of sales and marketing.  He obtained the spot of the youngest account executive for Modern Luxury Media, before finishing his bachelor's degree.  After setting his camera down to work in media sales, he quickly realized there was something missing in his life.  Once he understood the profound happiness that image making and directing brought to him, he realized that photography, and later on, film making, is truly a part of who he is.

For Clay, creating an image is creating a moment in time, and he works to bring emotion to the set.  Connecting with talent through conversation is Clay's approach to creating that special moment in time on set.  "Even in the most set-up situation, there's still something real happening" - Unknown  

The most common remark from Clay's subjects is that he makes them feel comfortable; and for him, this is the greatest compliment.  Although every set holds a different energy flow, Clay firmly believes in always communicating with everyone throughout his process, listening to others, explaining his reasoning and approach, and making the team/subject feel confident and excited to create as well.

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